Terms and Conditions

  1. Purpose and integration of the general Terms and Conditions of sale (T&C)

These Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts executed by and between Fine Vintage (Far East) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FV”) and any individual or legal entity (hereinafter the “Customer”) (hereinafter collectively the “Parties”) relating to the ordering and purchase of goods from FV by the Customer, whether these contracts are concluded via email, by telephone or by any other communication means. The Customer acknowledges having read these T&C before concluding any transaction with FV. He/she declares to accept them in full, without any reserve. The T&C apply not only to the transaction during which the Customer becomes aware of the T&C, but also to any subsequent contractual relationship between the Parties relating to the ordering and purchase of goods by the Customer from FV.

  1. Execution of contract

A sales contract is deemed to be executed between the Parties as soon as FV confirms the Customer’s order to the latter, in writing, electronically or by any other means, whether in an express or tacit way. FV reserves in particular the right to decline an order and/or to accept it only partially, without giving any reason. In such cases, FV duly informs the Customer.

  1. Payment and retention of title

The Customer can pay the orders based on invoice received by means of bank transfer or other mutually agreed upon payment method.

FV reserves the right to restrict the customer’s choice of payment means, without giving reasons.

Payment is due 30 days from invoice date. With Credit Application Approval.

Interest of 1.5% per month applies to overdue invoices.

Title transfer in all goods shall pass to the Customer when full payment is made.

In case of cancellation of contract by FV, it reserves the right claim the return of the goods, if they are already in the possession of the Customer.

  1. Control of the goods by the Customer

The Customer is obliged to check the state of the goods ordered as soon as they are received and to immediately notify FV of any defects falling under the warranty provided for in Art. 5 of these T & C. In the absence of such notice, the goods shall be deemed to be accepted by the Customer.

  1. Warranty

FV guarantees exclusively the authenticity of the goods sold, i.e. that the bottles sold contain the wine or spirit indicated on the label affixed to the bottle. Acceptance of returns for reason other than authenticity are at the sole discretion of FV.

  1. Exchange and Refund

If a wine is claimed to be out of condition it must be returned within 48 hours of opening with the original cork.  This will be tasted by the Fine Vintage tasting panel, to decide whether to issue a credit note or not.

Wine or Champagne above HKD800 per bottle or over 10 years old shall not be refunded in any event.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

All disputes between the Parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts at the registered office of FV. HKSAR is applicable.

  1. Amendment to the T&C

These terms and conditions may be modified by FV at any time without notice.