A traditional Speyside distillery owned by a family of whisky-lovers intent on making single malt whisky the right way.  Benromach Benromach keeps things simple, relying on nothing else but the expertise and senses of its few distillers to make the finest handmade whisky. Speyside single malt is matured exclusively in first-fill casks, with a subtly […]


“The distinctive, some say unforgettable, taste of our whisky is the result of the family’s experience over 150 years. Our insistence on using traditional distillation methods gives our spirit that time-honored quality.” Glenfarclas THE FAMILY SPIRIT Since 1865 Glenfarclas has been owned and managed by just one family, the Grants of Glenfarclas. On the 8th […]

Gordon & MacPhail

Our ranges comprise some of the rarest single malts in the world; Genuine one-offs found nowhere else.  Gordon & Macphail A FAMILY COMPANY BUILT ON ABIDING VALUES Gordon & MacPhail was established in 1895 by James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail. Both shared a taste for fine flavours and their Speyside grocery shop in Elgin […]


Making full use of all three stills, this range is triple-distilled and unpeated resulting in a spirit that is creamy, delicate and light.  Hazelburn, Springbank Distillery The Hazelburn single malt is named after a prominent former Campbeltown distillery that ran from the early-18th century until 1925. A picturesque Scottish town situated at the southern end […]


Kilkerran Single Malt is 100% made in Campbeltown, from barley to bottle. Kilkerran, Glengyle Distillery Glengyle is an independent, family run distillery based in Campbeltown, the historic whisky capital of the world. The original Glengyle Distillery produced whisky between 1872-1925 but in 2004, after 79 non-producing years, the distillery was reinstated by Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd. […]


A heavily-peated single malt made at Springbank distillery in Campbeltown, Longrow was first produced in 1973 to provide a peaty, oily and robust component to a blend being created at the time.  Longrow, Springbank Distillery THE DISTILLERY Named after another lost distillery of Campbeltown (which once operated right next door to Springbank and whose warehouse […]


Springbank is one of only two distilleries in Scotland to perform every step in the whisky making process, from malting the barley to bottling the spirit, on same premises.  Springbank Distillery Springbank distillery is one of the last surviving producers of Campbeltown Single Malts. The distillery, located on the southern Kintyre peninsula, produces three distinct […]