Chateau Los Boldos

Our wines are crafted exclusively from our vineyards, where we strive for excellence every day, blending the vigor and grandeur of the Andes with the elegance and dedication of our European legacy.

Chateau Los Boldos


The first vineyard was planted in 1948 in the Santa Amalia town, located in Requínoa in the VIth Region. Years later, in 1991, Viña Los Boldos was founded with the idea of producing high end wines, combining the extraordinary terroir of the Cachapoal Andes Valley and traditional French winemaking techniques.

The estate now holds 250 hectares of vineyards, situated at the foot of the Andes near the village of Requínoa. The region benefits from a favourable microclimate, balancing the temperature differences between day and night, which allows slow and complete ripening of the grapes.

The Cachapoal Valley is located in the central area of Chile, more specifically in the Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins region. Located 100 km south of Santiago, this valley gets its name from the Cachapoal River that crosses the region from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Viña Los Boldos’ vineyards fall under the denomination “Andes” in the Cachapoal Valley, legally acknowledging the great influence that flows down from the Andes Mountains. This unique location shows a remarkable influence of this massive mountain range that slides down the slopes into the inner plains, establishing the climatic conditions and the great thermal amplitude that is a notable typicity in the wines. 

Viña Los Boldos also believes in a responsible development and guarantees a sustainable growth for both the community and the surrounding environment. In 2014, the estate has been certified as a sustainable winery that preserves biodiversity and the ecosystem.

“Our wines are the ultimate expression of values of Viña Los Boldos, of our passion and dedication to excellence.”