Distillerie Poli

The Poli family produces with artisanal mastery and modern-style distillates, distinguished by a refined balance of character and elegance.

Distillerie Poli


The Distillerie Poli is a historic artisanal company founded in 1898 and still remains in the hands of the Poli Family. It is located in Schiavon, near Venice and Bassano del Grappa (Veneto, Italy), in the heart of the most renowned region for the production of Grappa.

For four generations the distillery has been operating with an ancient alembic completely made of copper, among the very few still existing, which allows the production of Grappa and other Distillates featuring a sophisticated balance between personality and elegance.

The Poli family remain faithful to five solid production principles: choose only fresh and healthy raw materials; distil the raw material immediately; use the stills wisely; work with constancy and passion; and respect the distillate and the consumer.

The Distillery has historical and environmental interest for its porch structure, typical of the ancient Venetian rural houses. In fact, the Poli Distillery is the only Italian distillery included among the top ten distilleries in the world to visit at least once in a lifetime according to the Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel”.

“Since 1898 the Poli family is committed to tradition and one objective: to make people understand and appreciate the hard work, the dedication, and the Love contained in a bottle of Grappa.”