Alta Alella

The Pujol-Busquets family understands wine and cava responsibly by making it entertaining and innovative while also adopting a real taste for new trends. 

Alta Alella


Set in the midst of the Serralada de Marina Natural Park, a step from the Mediterranean Sea and just a few miles away from Barcelona, stands the 19th century estate named Can Genís, the dream-come-true of the Pujol-Busquets Guillén family.

Josep Maria and Cristina have spent their whole lives sharing the wine and cava culture. Their daughters Mireia and Georgina grew up surrounded by grapes, harvests and bottles. And their grandchildren, Martí and Pau, are already running amongst the vineyards. The premises of knowledge, passion, perseverance and transparency are truly in their DNA.


Fleeing from standardization, Alta Alella aims to produce “transparent” wines and cavas that reflect the terroir and vintage characteristics: the enjoyment of tasting the moment as well as the landscape. The cellar was established in 1991 on the Can Genís Estate and is embraced by the Alella Appellation. The winery has always practiced certified organic farming techniques, creating a well-balanced ecosystem that respects the native flora and fauna. The vineyards are cultivated on slopes and terraces placed between 100 and 250m above sea level. Since the beginning, vines over sixty years old have been recovered and traditional varieties such as Pansa Blanca and Mataró have been planted. The recognition of the single vineyard ‘Vallcicera’ with the premium category in the Cava Appellation: “ParajeCalificado”, confirms its quality and uniqueness. From 2022, the appellation certifies also the differential character of the Serra de Mar territory, and gives value to the Alella wine region for its exceptional and unique edaphic, climatic, orographic and historical characteristics. The vines are grown on a sandy soil called sauló –an acidic white granite-based sand noted for its low limestone content, low organic matter and good drainage–, which is one of the most important elements that define the wines from the winery.


Celler de les Aus (‘Birds Cellar’) project began in 2006 with the production of the first sulfite-free cava. Through it, the family Pujol-Busquets Guillén continues its pursuit of offering natural wines and cavas made with low intervention and without added sulfites. It’s a young winery full of experience, with a burning desire to improve and a deep appreciation for exceptional work. As a tribute to those who put the soundtrack to their vineyards, the natural wines and cavas of Celler de les Aus are named after the birds that live in the Serralada de Marina Natural Park.

“We constantly want to improve and delve deeper into organic agriculture, to obtain the purest grapes and wines”

J.M. Pujol-Busquets – Winemaker, Alta Alella