“Angeline Vineyards is genuine in the commitment to minimize our impact on the environment, and to continue making progress toward the common goal of Sonoma County becoming a 100% sustainable winery region.”

Leslie Mead Renaud - Winemaker, Angeline


The foundation of the Angeline portfolio was actualized on the premise of offering varietally true wines at competitive prices. Courtney identified a gap in the market, finding few 100% Pinot Noirs that were true expressions of the varietal under 20.00. This inspired him to push the boundaries of several wines, in hopes to create a portfolio that would overdeliver within the category. Angeline, which means “Messenger”, launched in 2004 with that specific intent, and continues to gain accolades. The Angeline message is simple and clear: offer ready to drink, expressive, high quality wines that can be enjoyed every day.


Winemaker Leslie Renaud partners with consultant Keith Emerson, and experienced growers to keep her finger on the pulse of each vineyard. Every appellation has a specific set of needs in the vineyard – and in the winery – and expresses a distinctive sense of terroir once the grapes are in the bottle. Our winemaker begins shaping each wine while it’s still in the vineyard and vinifies each in small lots at our winery in the heart of Sonoma’s Russian River Valley. The result has become a collection of award-winning wines with an impressive breadth of terroir. Our wines are some of the finest wines made in California, and at prices that underscore our philosophy of giving the consumer real value.


Martin Ray Winery and Angeline Vineyards are both built on the foundation of cultivating relationships with growers across an array of distinctive regions, and blending their fruit with traditional and modern winemaking methods to create everyday wines of exceptional beauty. But the quality extends far beyond the fruit, and is a culmination of many hands and minds. With a state-of-the-art facility, the symbiotic approach between Courtney, Leslie, our growers, and the meticulous production crew yield wines that are of the highest quality. Above all, there is always finesse and attention to detail, and consistency and quality in each bottle.