Domaine Thierry & Pascale Matrot

“With our precious heritage and the work done by our ancestors in mind, our goal is to protect the quality of our terroir for generations to come”

Domaine Thierry & Pascale Matrot

A family estate since 1835, Domaine Matrot has been renowned for its Meursault, which is a testament to the quality of the work done in the vines and the cellar. Thierry and Pascale have now given way to their two daughters, Adèle and Elsa, whose philosophy is to keep the estate going. They signed their first vintage in 2016, of a very high quality, using little or no new wood. Adèle and Elsa Matrot are making a name for themselves and excel in both the whites and the reds.

Matrot’s goal is to always protect the quality of the terroir for generations to come, so as to preserving the unique characteristics of each wine through their work in the vineyards. 

During the 60s, the estate did not manage to escape the “chemical years” in wine growing. It was not until Thierry’s arrival in 1976 that chemical fertilizers were abandoned and replaced by organic products. Vines are grown with the greatest respect for the soil using organic manure and ploughing. Rigorous pruning and disbudding in the Spring also help to control the yields. Green harvest is done only when necessary. The grapes are carefully monitored for its health and maturity, which helps to determine the best date for harvest.

“Pied de cute” (a preparatory stage that uses grape must to create yeast) will then be carried out just a few days before the harvest, it guarantees that only natural yeast will be used for a long fermentation which lasts for 8 to 10 weeks. Matrot’s whites are only aged in old oak barrels of 1 to 5 years old, while around 10 to 20% new barrels are being used for aging the reds. The maturation usually lasts for 11 to 18 months, depending on the vintage.