Dopff au Moulin

As the pioneers of Crémant d’Alsace, our know-how allows us to offer a wide selection of Crémants with distinctive personalities combined with a dry, elegant and appealing style.

Etienne-Arnaud Dopff – Owner, Dopff au Moulin


Dopff au Moulin has been managed with due diligence. This estate is one of the few in Alsace that are 100% family-owned, fully integrated and independent from vine to wine. Today, Etienne-Arnaud Dopff is the Head of the company, prepared for the challenges of the 21st century: global warming, the evolution of wine growing, excellence in the art of wine and Crémant making.
From the beginning, the Dopff family was eager to promote and develop the Family Estate. Over time, with 70 hectares of own vineyards, it became the most important one within the Alsace Grand Cru region. First centered essentially around Riquewihr, the Estate then spread over other terroirs, particularly towards Hunawihr, Mittelwihr and also Colmar and Turckheim.


Julien Dopff, a pioneer dedicated to Alsatian viticulture discovered a practical demonstration of the so-called “Méthode Champenoise”. He decided to apply this method to Alsatian wines. In 1976, urged by Pierre Dopff, AOC Crémant d’Alsace comes to life. 40 years later, it represents more than 50% of all Crémants put on the market. A great result that Pierre-Etienne has continually developed at both the regional level with the Appellation Crémant d’Alsace and within the Dopff Estate with the creation of the current range of products.

In 1913, the concept of marketing “flute” bottled wines was introduced, setting Alsace wines apart. In 1972, the accuracy of Julien Dopff’s idea was enshrined by a decree making it mandatory to bottle Alsatian wines in their production region.

“By adopting more ethical and environmentally efficient practices, Dopff au Moulin wishes to contribute to the improvement of our society and to environmental protection.”