Over the years the company has had a constant development without ever losing its identity, made of tradition and authenticity with a focus on innovation that has made wines a timeless expression, beyond temporary trends.



The Pieropan winery was founded in 1880 by Leonildo Pieropan, it achieved national and international success between the 1970s and 1980s thanks to his grandson Leonildo. He acquired new vineyards in the most suitable areas of Soave viticulture, introduced new technologies and compared his production with others discovered during his journeys. The birth of the two cru wines “Calvarino” (1971) and “La Rocca” (1978) was a revolution in viticulture for the area and for the period. These two very different expressions of Soave represent two types of soils present in Soave: volcanic for Calvarino and calcareous for La Rocca. To demonstrate the value of the project, Luigi Veronelli, the most enlightened Italian wine journalist of the 1980s, described Leonildo as the “most French Italian winemaker I know”, to highlight Leonildo’s attention to the viticulture aspect of winemaking.

Today the winery is led by the family’s 4th generation: Andrea and Dario who are sons of Leonildo and his wife Teresita. Andrea and Dario are both graduates in agriculture and oenology, continuing the family tradition in the vineyards near Soave with the same love and passion of their forefathers.


Pieropan’s wines are produced in three locations. One is in the historic winery inside Palazzo Pullici in the heart of Soave – this is where all stages of production had been carried out until 2018. The Valpolicella winery of Villa Cipolla in Tregnago – this winery is dedicated to red wines production. Lastly, the brand-new underground winery located on the slopes of a large hilly Amphitheatre, in Soave. This is a modern, functional, and innovative building that covers about 8,000 square meters of land and is today the operating heart of Pieropan.

With an extension of 75 hectares, 55 in the Soave territory and 20 in Valpolicella, the company produces about 650,000 bottles per year of which about 65% is exported to 55 countries worldwide.

Pieropan’s commitment and respect to the territory comes from their awareness – “there is no wine without landscape, no landscape without vineyards”