“As a family champagne house, we make different decisions: we invest with our heart, we are concerned with the long-term, a heritage built by previous generations so as to transmit it to future generations.”

Pierre-Emmanuel, Clovis & Vitalie Taittinger

In 1932,Pierre Taittinger bought the Domaine and the Châteaudela Marquetterie,formerly Maison Forest-Fourneaux. As early as 1734, the aforementioned Maison had been working with the Benedictine abbeys, which had the most beautiful vineyards in Champagne. With the arrival of Pierre Taittinger, a new chapter began, as he restored the House to its former glory. In 2007, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger took over as head of the House, with excellence ashismainambition:

“Having our family name written on a bottle brings with its responsibility and a demand for constant high standards. Our signature encompasses the know-how of the past and a commitment to tomorrow.”

Today, it is Vitalie Taittinger, his daughter, who drives this vision. She has been President of the House since January 2020.


Over the years the Taittinger vineyard has grown steadily, today spanning 288 hectares. The vineyard is planted with 37% Chardonnay, 48% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier, distributed among 37 different crus, which are some of the bests under the Champagne appellation. Today it is the second largest estate in Champagne and one of the most certified, with accreditation for High Environmental Value and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne.


The elegant, sophisticated, swirling style of the House is reflected in each of the cuvees. It is instilled into us by the constant search for natural beauty and simplicity.Seeking out this unique taste, marking those small happy instants or life’s big moments: this is the philosophy that lies in the scripture of Taittinger champagnes.


For four generations, the men and women of Maison Taittinger have passed on their values of excellence and their know-how. This is how the Taittinger spirit lives on and radiates. With simplicity and conviction, each individual places excellence at the heart of their work and thereby contributes to the history of the House. And it is this same vision, this same inspiration, a unique philosophy that shapes the Taittinger style.