“Valdespino is the only boutique Sherry firm controlling the entire production process: Vineyards, vinification, ageing and bottling.”

José Estévez

The connection of the Valdespino family with the vineyards in the Sherry region goes back to the 13th century and there is official data proving the beginning of their activity in 1430. However, the Firm was officially established in 1875 as a Sherry producer, known from the outset for the ageing of top quality Holandas and Eau-de-Vie on their premises in Jerez de la Frontera. In 1883 it became supplier of the Spanish Royal House, and in 1932 of the Swedish Royal House. Throughout the first decade of the 20th century the family started selecting and importing rare distillates.

Valdespino is one of the very few firms which owns vineyards in Pago Macharnudo, which is considered a “grand cru” area of vineyards in the Sherry D.O.. The Macharnudo Alto vineyard, with 56.2 hectares, is located 5 kilometres in the northwest of Jerez in the privileged area of High Jerez. It is located 135 metres above sea level. The land is very chalky and the white soil ‘Albariza’, is typical of the production area in the Denomination of Origin, Jerez. Thanks to the high content of calcic carbonate, its clayey texture does not split. It is soft when wet and makes clods when it is dry, and absorbs the humidity like a sponge in the rain.

The climate in this region is warm, with important influences from the Atlantic Ocean. The region enjoys almost 300 days of clear sun every year and intense luminosity. The average rainfall is 600 l/m2, most of which happens between October and May, giving reserves to the soil that will be used by the plant in the dry summer months. The Palomino grape variety is used, thanks to its special vine‐growing and oenologist characteristics. This is one more singularity of the Sherry vine growing, and its special cultivation over the soil ‘Albariza’ is what creates high quality products.